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Mark Fennessy

I commenced training with Oscar 5 x years ago and haven’t looked back. I had been a long distance runner for many years and he was my first ever PT – we train 3 x times every week at 6AM. The respective sessions cover a mix of Cardio, Abs, Boxing, Light Weights & Circuit training. He adapts each program/session to where I’m at physically and what I want to achieve – and it works. He gets the best out of me and it’s always a solid work out. He’s highly experienced, reliable, punctual and has a great sense of humour – which you really need at 6AM in the winter months!! My workouts with Oscar are a major contributor towards a healthy lifestyle and an important routine which keeps me sharp within a demanding profession and extremely busy life.

Mark Fennessy (CEO Endemol Shine Australia)

January 20, 2017

Ross Vincent

As a mature age client, I have been training with Oscar at Mind Over Body for over 4 years. During that time I have enjoyed a program tailored for my ever changing goals and have accomplished intermediate weight training, boxing, skipping, plyometrics, advanced stretching, running and other forms of cardio and martial arts. As a result, I am in good shape and condition considering I also have a business that runs 7 days a week. Oscar is impressively reliable and his depth of experience is what I require, don’t want to train with a newbie. I want results. I have stuck with Oscar and vice versa for years now and plan to continue. We get along, it’s training I enjoy. His t-shirts are way too tight on the biceps.

Ross Vincent (Business Owner Darlinghurst)

January 10, 2017

Scott Olsen

I have been training with Orhan for over 4 years and in this time his high level of professionalism and experience has allowed him to customise my training sessions to achieve my own goals and increase my fitness level around a hectic work schedule. I would highly recommend Orhan to anyone who is looking to take their training to a new level!

Scott Olsen (General Manager NSW/ACT)

December 11, 2016

Kelly Haggett

Hi my name is Kelly I am 52. I have trained with Oscar for nearly 6 years. Oscar brings out the best in my training and helps me reach my full potential. He pushes me to do my best to achieve my required result. Oscar is always concerned about my welfare, diet and injury status. We have fun training together and I am inspired to go to training with him each week. Everyone in the gym wants to be around Oscar. He is a great trainer and friend.

November 14, 2016


I love training with Orhan – he knows when to push you, but he also understands your limitations. He utilizes different exercises so that you never get bored or comfortable with the training. He is dedicated and passionate about what he does and he always has good stories to make the training session fun.

November 14, 2016

Brien Holden

I live a busy corporate lifestyle which has left me with lots of excuses for not exercising and being overweight. Orhan worked me in a careful but rigorous way until I could move, stand up without creaking and even squat to line up for a golf putt. Flexibility, strength and personal physical confidence are three of the great outcomes.

The key to Orhan is that I look forward to training with him. He is fun, knowledgeable, interesting and knows his stuff. Very impressive.

Brien Holden (CEO – Institute for Eye Research)

November 14, 2016


Orhan is a great personal trainer who enjoys what he does and does it well. He is friendly, enthusiastic and full of energy. He always manages to make our sessions enjoyable. Each workout is challenging, unique and fun. He pushes me to my limits and gives me the encouragement and motivation I need to keep going and reach my goals.

November 14, 2016

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