Trainer - Orhan Dincer (PT Oscar)

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Orhan Dincer (PT Oscar)

Orhan Dincer (PT Oscar)

Personal Trainer
Specialising in strength and muscle building, weight loss, toning, nutrition, diet, elderly clients and functional training.

"The body achieves what the mind believes"

Welcome to Mind Over Body!

Finding time to focus on health, exercise and well-being often takes a back seat to just keeping up. It’s a universal problem. But as life gets busier, energy levels can drop and stress can increase. Left unchecked, stress can compromise your health. There is no single way to manage stress, but according to our clients, regular exercise definitely helps to reduce the impact.

A surprising number of the Mind over Body Health and Fitness clients come to us without a clear goal. Usually they have an idea about what they might like to achieve, but not always. Its not uncommon to hear, “I want to lose weight – I need to exercise but I don’t know where to start,”or “I just don’t seem to have any energy”, or “I promised myself I’d get fit this year”.

We all need help to reach our goals from time to time. At Mind over Body Health and Fitness we understand that fitness and exercise mean something different to everyone and that there are no ‘one size fits all’ solutions. That’s why we are happy to listen and advise on how you might be able to reach a goal that’s achievable for you.

So whether you have a personal goal or want to stay fit and get the most out of your life – Mind over Body Health and Fitness can help.

Orhan Dincer (Founder)
Mind over Body Health and Fitness

Get Into The Best Shape of Your Life!

It’s never too late to get more out of life. At Mind Over Body Health and Fitness our job is to get you into your best shape. Our years of experience with individual assessments have told us that some clients are best suited to one-on-one personalized training to reach goals while others just need help to get fit, stay fit and have fun doing it.

Whatever your motivation is, Mind over Body Health and Fitness provides qualified experts to help you achieve your goal.

Principal, Orhan Dincer, has level 4 qualifications for gym and personal training.

Mind Over Body Health and Fitness brings you affordable and targeted training sessions, indoor or outdoor, at a location that suits you. Sessions for large and small groups or individuals are seasonally adjusted to ensure nothing stops you from getting into shape.